About Sensory Fitness

Sensory Fitness is a fitness program for everyone; however, it’s unique in that it specializes in working with individuals with ASD, SPD, ADHD, learning disabilities, and other neurodiversities! We use games, exercises, and challenges to promote health, increase whole body strength, develop body awareness, strengthen core, and improve whole body coordination. Sensory Fitness uses a sensory integrative approach and utilizes primitive and postural reflex exercises to help with gross motor, fine motor, and visual motor to build neural pathways needed for moving, learning, and living a well-rounded life!

About Matt Sloan

Matt Sloan is an occupational therapy assistant who specializes in sensory integration and primitive reflex integration. Matt was a special education teacher for 13 years and working with kids with special needs for over 25 years. A major part of his work served kids with sever social/emotional disorders and neurological differences. Matt has taught everything from the general curriculum to social skills to adaptive PE. Matt is also a personal trainer with years of experience in mixed martial arts, boxing, wrestling, jujitsu, and an array of outdoor recreation sports. Bringing his years of experience together to work with kids and adults of all abilities, Matt has created Sensory Fitness to help people from all walks of life achieve a sound body to a sound mind.

Matt Sloan



MISSION:It is my mission to improve sensory motor, sensory perception and thinking skills through specific exercises, games and activities to people with neuro-diversity.


Classes are primarily for but not limited to kids of all ages. (Adult classes are available!)

One-on-One Sessions

One-on-One sessions ensure that children get the attention they need to address their fitness and sensory needs. Everything from martial arts to obstacle courses to outdoor recreation is an option for clients to get fit, feel good, and discover or rediscover movement!




Classes are primarily for adults but not limited to kids. Group Sessions provide a chance for socialization , team work, and are a ton of fun!!




With experience in the classroom and schools, sensory integration and primitive reflex integration, and physical fitness Matt is qualified to collaborate with parents, teachers, and schools to discuss sensory strategies, integrative exercises, and the importance of movement in multiple environments.



Workshop 1

Sensory Strategies in the Classroom

Part A of this is a hands-on workshop focuses on providing teachers and staff a foundational understanding of sensory systems and how they affect kids throughout the day. This workshop provides sensory strategies for working with over reactive and under reactive kids as well as provides specific movement breaks and movements to be used in and out of the classroom. Pat B zeroes in on the importance of movement and review’s specific movements to incorporate throughout the day as well as integrating movement more into the learning environment.



Workshop 2

PE for neuro-diversity

This hands-on workshop focuses on providing teachers and staff a foundational understanding of sensory systems and how they affect kids throughout the day. This workshop covers actives, games, and movements that address postural instabilities, coordination, and motor planning. Educators are shown the value of specific movements and how to incorporate them into games, exercises, and activities into the physical education setting.



Workshop 3

Sensory-Motor for Fitness Professionals to Train the Neuro-Diverse

This workshop walks fitness professionals through a foundational understanding of the sensory systems and how they affect their clients throughout life and how best to use strategies to best address anyone with a sensory difficulty and a neuro-diversity. A focus of this workshop is build a fitness program revolving around postural instabilities, coordination, and motor planning while understanding any difficulties of a neuro-diverse client.


What our Clients are saying



“It’s about mastering the vertical movements and rotational movements of the body. Every movement, athletic or otherwise, stems from these two forms of motion.”
David Weck

“To provide superlative coaching and foster the best possible learning environment indoors, on the beach, or grass. To teach our family of athletes the fundamentals of the game of volleyball, and cultivate the desire in each to compete at the highest level. We want our athletes to develop the work ethic and discipline it takes to be an elite athlete, along with the importance of sportsmanship. We want to create complete athletes on the court, and even better people off the court.” Aloha.

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